Worth a try

So here’s the start to my new adventure of blogging. From doing the mom thing, to baking, (which sometimes consists of some serious science experiments), to homeschooling, and what I’ve personally dubbed “Cricuting”. Yes, I say if “Google” can become a verb, then so can Cricut! The creations in paper and vinyl that are at my disposal are out of this world! Need a sign? I’ve got it. Need a birthday banner? Here I come! Then again there’s my husband’s new personal favorite, the vinyl creations I can now make for the walls.  Hey, when you don’t own your own home and can’t paint the walls, removable vinyl does the trick! As this whole website/blogging thing will probably take me some time to get used to and actually figure out, you’ll have to bear with me. However, I do plan on doing a lot of sharing on here of the good, the bad, and the ugly! Hey, I’m not afraid of my own mistakes. I say learn from them and then share them so others can learn from them too. Here we go!


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