Learning from Mom


My 8 year old daughter has been watching me in the kitchen since she was little.  She loves to help and watch, learning what works and what doesn’t.  Like any other 8 year old girl, she’s quick to share with the world my flaws and mistakes from the kitchen! However, I’ve noticed lately that watching me has allowed her to want to be creative in the kitchen as well. She’ll come to me and ask if she can create a dessert for her daddy and brothers.  Next thing I know, using whatever she finds in the kitchen, she’s creating masterpieces like this one! Kids pick up on things so quickly.  Even when you don’t think they’re watching or paying attention, they are. This means the good and the bad. But after seeing this, I figure the next time we tell the kids to get out of the kitchen,  maybe we should reconsider and see what kinda of imagination creation comes out of it.


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