Epic Fail or Success?


So my pictures are huge, I know. I’m working on that. lol. But this specific picture tells a story.  A friend of mine challenged me to do a lemon cake for her birthday. As I’ve been just very recently experimenting with cake making, I was up for the challenge! Just recently as in, the pink rosette cake featured on my main page is the very first from scratch, layered cake I’ve ever made! And that was hmmm about a week or two ago!  Anyhow, I didn’t quite like the lack of moisture in the first cake I made, although I understand it has to be dense to do the crumb coat and buttercream. It was delicious, but I just wanted to tweak it a little I guess you’d say. I had read that to add moisture, you could use a pudding mix to add with the dry ingredients.  I decided to then add a lemon pudding mix to the homemade batter I had originally made. This may have worked perfectly, except that I ALSO decided to change my flour to self-rising instead of doing the AP flour with the baking powder. Note to self….baking is a science and it is not wise to change more than ONE thing at once! What I ended up with were two 8″ round cakes that were sunk in the middle. Ugh! The disappointment was immense! However, after I pulled them out of the oven (yes they were done all the way through), I found that they were cooked thoroughly and the cake was actually very moist! While they were useless for a layered cake because of their shape, I decided instead of wasting them, to make some lemon cake pops! Well, OMGOSH!!  These things were AMAZING!! I decided to practice my decorating on them as well, which is new for me. What I thought was an epic failure on my part ended up being a huge success! The cake was never wasted and I went on to produce another vanilla cake (which still needed some TLC I’ll admit)! The point is, I was so upset and disappointed with the time I had “wasted” on that lemon cake, but when I changed my perspective and thought of how I could make it better and learn from it, VOILA!!  The picture you see above is the outcome of that. I’ll tell you that I took them to a friend’s house and they were devoured! A new favorite! As Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  While Mr. Edison had a profound and quite positive outlook on his experiments and I admire that, the truth is, I did fail, at what I had intended. But I didn’t throw it in the trash and pout, (which, let’s be honest, is what I REALLY wanted to do).  Instead, I got myself together and figured something else out and made it a success!  Now, mind you, I’m not boasting, but encouraging. Never give up. Learn from your mistakes, see the silver lining, see how you can fix it. If you can’t, then you know what NOT to do for the future. A helpful lesson either way. Onward and upward! So what do you guys think??? Epic fail or success??



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