The Naked Egg Experiment


So while my oldest son was working on a lesson of acids and bases, I decided it was a great time to try an experiment I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. Not to mention I already had quite a few eggs since it was Easter season and we had dyed eggs. Here’s what we did: we took a regular egg and stuck it in a glass of white vinegar. It immediately started bubbling, however we didn’t get results immediately. After about 24 hours we checked our eggs. At this point they still had a slight shell on them but it was very thin and almost translucent at this point. We put the eggs in fresh vinegar once again and waited another 24 hours. The outcome was so cool! We now had a soft, rubbery egg with no shell! If you were gentle with it, you could give it a slight bounce on the counter.  The kids were amazed at the way you could see the yolk move within the egg now. The shell (calcium carbonate) had been eaten away by the acid in the vinegar! The only thing keeping the yolk in it was the thin membrane around it that you would normally find when peeling hard boiled eggs.


This is what they ended up looking like! Not only was it a great science experiment but the kids took such great care of them for the next couple days because it was something they had created and watch transform! Now we did keep it in the fridge and eventually tossed them as they shrivel up after a few days, which is slightly gross to see but cool to watch! It was fun to try with the kids and worked well. However,  patience is a virtue with this one. You’re talking 48 hours of your kids watching a glass with an egg in it. Ha! But fun nonetheless!


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