Called to Serve

So I’ve been reading the news lately and seems to all be negative, and about politics and all the insanity going on in the world. While many politicians and people who run our cities and states certainly have their issues, some even corrupt, I got to thinking about how they still give their daily lives for our cities and states each day.  Despite their motives, despite their paychecks, their daily lives affect us. Their decisions affect us. I’m constantly trying to teach my children about serving others and respecting the elderly and those in authoritative positions.  As I got to think about it last night, I was wondering if I was showing them the same type of servitude as I teach them.  I had the opportunity today to do something small and special for members of our town council. They were having a meeting and I decided to put what little bit of talent I do have to use by treating them to some goodies I made today.  It wasn’t much, just a small notion, but to be able to serve those who serve our community was really amazing, no matter how small it is. My kids watched and helped as I made treats for the mayor and the town council. They felt the joy and pride of making something and creating it and then not sitting down to stuff our own faces, but to give them away to leaders of our community.  Did I have the time to do it? No, not really. But I did make the time and it was really worth it. I may never know what they said about the treats or how they made them feel, how they tasted, or if they even cared about the time and effort we put into doing it, but that’s not the point. It was a great feeling and life lesson to be able to do that for them. It was great to be able to watch my kids help and have pride in it and not whine that the treats weren’t for us, but for others. I challenge you to just think about perhaps doing something nice for members of your community, maybe even those who don’t necessarily “deserve” it.  You never know what a difference it could make in someone’s day.  Then again, even if they don’t appreciate it or even care about it, it will make you a better person. If you have your children, the next generation, watching you do it, what a difference we could make in the world. It’s the little things…one step at a time.


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