Strawberry Roses

20160413_122401.jpg Ok guys, here’s another thing I experimented with today since I have to make a couple dozen cupcakes for tomorrow. I was chopping up strawberries for my filling and I decided to mess around with my paring knife and this big, beautifully shaped strawberry! Once again, I’ve watched the tutorials and tried this many times before with no success. But today, by George, I think I’ve got it!! It’s more of a closed rose but still at least resembles a flower nonetheless. I make a lot of bouquets with chocolate covered pretzels, Oreos, or strawberries. I thought maybe these strawberry roses would be a nice touch to those bouquets, and also would make me feel less guilty with a touch of something NOT bathed in a chocolate coating!  Stick a skewer in it to add to a bouquet or don’t use the skewer and may be a nice element to perhaps a chocolate frosted cake as a garnish??? The main thing I would suggest is a very sharp and smaller sized knife to work with the strawberry. I used a small paring knife and it worked great. Also, if you’re going to skewer it, I’d do it before you start to cut, as you’ll squish the “petals” if you try to insert it afterwards. I made it out unscathed, oddly enough, since I’m sort of a klutz in the kitchen with knives, but I’d just say be careful! Other than that, this is a pretty simple yet beautifully edible project to do.


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