R.I.P. Electric Mixer

20160416_111417.jpg Meet the cake that killed my electric mixer.  Now I guess that wouldn’t be fair, considering it was technically this lovely strawberry buttercream that did it. Or rather, what would have been a lovely strawberry buttercream, had the mixer not died in the middle of making it. Yes, folks, I’m talking smoke from the motor kinda dead.  I suppose that it served me well considering it gets used pretty much every day for all kinds of cake batters and buttercream, which are quite hard on a mixer, especially not a high wattage one.

So this cake was actually a two day job, although because of my mixer mishap, it doesn’t look like one. It wasn’t at all how I expected it to turn out, however, it did taste wonderful! I must have been off my game the past couple days because it was just one mistake after another. Firstly, I was experimenting with a new cake batter recipe last night and for some reason I didn’t realize it was a recipe for THREE 8″ round cake pans and I used TWO.  So, what I thought was a scientific phenomenon actually ended up being ‘GASP!’, my fault!  I didn’t realize it til it was nice and golden brown and I went to take it out and it was like gelatin!  I ended up putting it back in and it needed about double the time to cook, but it did come out edible somehow. It wasn’t for a customer or anything so I wasn’t too panicky, but I did want it to turn out well. I had made some homemade strawberry filling made from cupcakes I had made the day before that I wanted to attempt to use as a filling for this cake. I chilled the cake overnight and attempted to make a new strawberry buttercream I had read about. This is where things get interesting.  I’m adding my powdered sugar to the bowl and mixing.  The mixer apparently didn’t feel the need to keep up with the frosting and the beaters began to convulse and the motor began to make a strange noise. Suddenly there was smoke and the beaters stopped. Hmmmm…this was a problem! I still had about half the powdered sugar to add and no mixer. I tried a low wattage mixer I had as backup and it couldn’t handle the buttercream either. It had been on its last leg for a while anyhow. So I attempted to venture on and do it by hand. Now, I’ll tell you it wasn’t terrible. The frosting actually ended up tasting wonderful, although quite sweet, and because of the lack of electric mixer, it never thickened up to the consistency I needed it to. I attempted to make a dam with the buttercream and add my strawberry filling.  This was a mistake without a thick frosting, and then I also believe I added too much filling. This is another problem, and mistake number hmmm…2? 3? But who’s counting?  As I started to crumb coat, the filling just oozed out of the middle and made my layers slide and it was just a huge mess. Feeling a bit defeated (yes, by a cake. Don’t judge me.), I almost just tossed the whole thing or turned it into cake pops.  However, I decided to just stick the frosting into the fridge to see if it would thicken up a little or solidify any.  This was unsuccessful. Chilling the cake with the sad excuse for a crumb coat was also unsuccessful. I then decided that rosettes on the top would have to work!  I tried them on the sides, but it just slid down the cake. So the cake pic you see was more of a panicked, doctored version of the cake I had envisioned. I decided to chill it for a while and then cut into it and see if it at least tasted good. It really was delicious, well, family-approved at least. Presentation wasn’t what I wanted but the taste counted for something. I had quite a few recipes to experiment with next week, but since the death of my mixer, that will have to be postponed.  A new one will be arriving soon and I’ll be back to my baking antics, but until then, learn from my mistakes folks. Do not put batter for three 8″ pans into two of them. Do not overfill your center layer. And last but not least, do not run your electric mixer into the ground in the middle of a baking project.


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