New Type of Sweets

I may be without a mixer, (which btw should be here tomorrow!! yay!) but I found a way to make and create anyway! Today I tried my hand at a fruit bouquet.  It’s hard to see some of the fruit but I attacked a pineapple with a couple cookie cutters, one a flower shape and the other one a butterfly shape.  I found that as long as you cut your slabs of pineapple thick enough, the cookie cutters work quite well. If they’re too thin, like a couple of mine were, they end up splitting when you insert the skewers.  Another interesting thing…I bought a cantaloupe to make melon balls for it.  I thought the orange would be a nice punch of color to it, however when I cut open my cantaloupe, the inside was green!  Of course the first thing I did was Google “Why is my cantaloupe green????”  The first obvious answer online was, “Cuz it’s a honeydew.”  Well now I don’t claim to be the smartest crayon in the box but I do know the difference between a honeydew and a cantaloupe! ha! So anyway, I never got an actual answer since there were so many different ones, but I tasted it and it tasted like a lovely nicely ripened cantaloupe, so I was good with that. It didn’t add the orange color I would have wanted but still turned out nicely nonetheless.  Stuck the skewered fruit in a tin flower pot filled with some flower foam that I found at the dollar store and added some kale around the edges of the pot for a leafy look and to cover some of the sticks and foam and there you go! I, of course, couldn’t take just fruit to an event, even if some of it was coated in chocolate. I needed to make sure we had a dash of sweet! So I then took some Oreos and smothered them in chocolate. There! Now that’s more like it for me!  As much as I enjoyed doing this kind of stuff today, I really do miss my baking so I can’t wait for my mixer to get here so I can try more experimenting! But for now, it’s nice to know the venture outside of my box proved worthwhile.


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