It’s Here!

20160420_161708.jpg Dash of Sweet Mixer 2.0 is here!!  Isn’t she a beaut!? Yes, I’m probably way too excited over this. You’re probably thinking I’m crazy but when baking is your passion and you’ve been without a mixer and then get this lovely piece of equipment, it’s like Christmas, Mother’s Day and my birthday all wrapped up in one!! I chose a refurbished Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer which I found on Ebay. As I explained away the sense in spending that kind of money on an electric mixer to my husband, I hoped and prayed as I opened the box that this piece of machinery would prove it’s worth! Well it did. Even just opening the box and trying to remove it, the weight of it was a little unnerving. One thing is for sure, the sucker is sturdy. Also, it’s going nowhere when I turn it on and it works it’s magic.  The color, Raspberry Ice, is so me and just as it looked in the picture online.  I washed it up and christened it today, making mini cheesecakes, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, as well as vanilla and chocolate round cakes for a layered masterpiece I’m attempting tomorrow.  It’s my personal opinion that this mixer has already been well worth the money in one day!  I’d like to say my husband would agree as he didn’t hear me griping and complaining trying to get my poor little old mixer to work.  This thing is super sturdy, easy to use, and best of all, it allows me to be hands free as it mixes!  This allowed me to clean up a little as I went, or get another ingredient I may need, or grab a quick utensil or towel.  I’m guessing this is why almost every baking tutorial I watch has one of these or something like it! It’s a whole new world.  I was thrice as productive today as I would have been with my old mixer. The wattage on the new one allows things to get done twice as quickly, as well as what I said about being hands free allowing me to do other things at the same time.  I am love, love, loving this mixer and I’m back in the baking business!  Tomorrow it will take the buttercream test.  A nice, thick, gooey batch of buttercream should really have this thing flexing its muscles. While I did have another sunken cake today, instead of being discouraged I just moved on and made another one cuz I was so excited to use this mixer! Some days it’s just the little things. Can’t wait to see the things I can create now. Thank you to my wonderful husband for supporting me and getting me what I need to do what I love!


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