The Snickers Masterpiece

So I’ve been wanting to experiment with this cake that I found online recently. I’m a huge Snickers fan and thought the idea of turning it into a cake was ingenious! I’m a huge fan of Jenn of Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio and she was the inspiration behind this cake.  She made hers slightly different and I added my own touch to the cake as well as using my own cake and buttercream recipe, but it turned out pretty well overall!  The sugar and caloric content are probably deadly, but it sure was a lovely cake and tasted AMAZING!!  Thanks to Jenn for her clear and easy tutorials, this was fairly simple to make, while looking like I spent lots of time on it!

The version I made is a 3 layer cake, two chocolate and one vanilla. The first filling layer is caramel and crushed peanuts, with a vanilla buttercream dam.  The second layer is fun size Snickers and a thin layer of buttercream to help them stick.  I added a layer of chocolate cake onto that and then crumb coated it in a vanilla buttercream.  I then used a chocolate ganache and caramel to do the drip effect on the top and sides.  Finally, I chopped up some of the mini sized Snickers and some peanuts and put them in the middle! Lovely!  Looked exactly how I wanted it to! The one thing I’ll change about this next time is I would crush the Snickers in the middle layer, as when we cut into the cake it somewhat “collapsed” I guess you’d say. It didn’t cut through the Snickers very well. Other than that it was wonderful! Using this cake idea as a format, I’m thinking you could do this with any kind of candy! The possibilities are endless.

Now, another thing I did, which was a total experimentation and inspired by my husband actually, is I took the cake scraps from leveling my chocolate cakes and turned them into cake pops.  I’d like to call them Snickers cake pops.  I added a little of the buttercream I had from the crumb coat, some of the leftover chocolate ganache, and some of the caramel I had leftover and this made the “dough” for the cake pops. I then dipped them in milk chocolate and covered them in crushed peanuts.  Wow! These turned out pretty well too! In the trial phase I’d say maybe a little less crushed peanuts as they did overpower the rest of the flavor a little, but still no complaints about the taste! Either one of these would be a great idea for the Snickers lover in YOUR family!


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