Hope you like strawberries…

20160428_124543.jpg   I had the honor of making a cake and some cupcakes for a Hurry Home party last night for one of our military friends who is going overseas to serve our wonderful country.  His request was vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting, so I took care of that, but what fun is that for the baker?! I wanted more of a challenge as well, so I ended up making this strawberry goodness! This cake is a 2 layer cake with a homemade strawberry filling in the center and vanilla buttercream, garnished with fresh strawberries.  Now I learned my lesson from the last strawberry cake I made and I reduced the amount of filling I used in the middle.  I also decided to take a more dense and dry batter and add a package of strawberry creme Jell-o pudding mix I had found at the store. Well the smell that came out of the bowl while I mixed it was heavenly! This was the second time I had used the pudding mix in a cake and the first time was the failure/success of the lemon cake pops. These cakes came out perfectly this time! They were a very light pink color when you cut into it which was a nice touch to the strawberry filling in the center. This cake was an epic success! I didn’t even get a chance to get a picture of a cut piece because it was gone so quickly, so I’ll be making this one again. Unlike the recent cookie dough cake which was way too sweet, this cake was lighter and not nearly as overwhelmingly sweet. I have a feeling this will be one I’ll make quite often during the upcoming summer months.  It’s a perfect dessert to a nice grilled dinner.  This would even be nice with a lighter frosting instead of the vanilla buttercream. It would make it more like a strawberry shortcake.  Strawberries are coming into season and I’m determined to make as many strawberry baked goods as I can! I find it’s much easier to utilize the fruits as they’re in season because they come out much fresher and are often cheaper at the local market/orchard.  I’ve got the Spring Fever and now I’m ready for summer!


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