A Cake for Mom

20160507_151406.jpg   So obviously this year it was easy to figure out what we were doing for dessert this year for Mother’s Day since my newfound passion for baking is curing everyone’s sweet tooth over here!  I wanted to work on a couple new techniques and chose today to do that, because everyone knows that Mom is going to like whatever I make, even if it’s terrible! Ha! This one was actually for my mother-in-law.  I wanted this to be a deeper blue than it turned out to be, but she loved the color nonetheless.  I baked two 6″ round,  2″ high vanilla cakes. I then decided to “torte” them, or in other words, I cut each of those in half.  This made this more of a 4-layer cake because I wanted to add some strawberry filling to this small cake as well. On the sides I used the “spoon effect” technique. I wish I had taken more pics but I was more focused on the learning myself! I took a round piping tip and made 5 dots all the way up the side of the cake. I then took my cake spatula and smeared the dot.  About halfway through the smear I’d do another row of dots and repeat that process.  I found this fairly simple, although I did easily find myself going crooked and had to restart this process a couple of times to get it right. On the top I used a super large open star tip and did basically a bunch of C’s, if you would. I then placed some fresh flowers in the center just for color and effect. It seemed kind of boring by itself. One lesson I learned is this produced a cake with TONS of buttercream on it! Much more than I like and also it made the proportions a little off for those of us with a mild sweet tooth. Overall the cake was delicious. I’ll be a little lighter with the buttercream next time but it was still a success! I’m thinking with a little tweaking this cake could be a winner.  Now, as for my mom…she’s not a huge cake person so I’ll have to be getting creative for her Mother’s Day celebration next weekend! Stay tuned for what I’ll create for her! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there!


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