Wonderful World of cupcakes

About 18 months ago I had this sudden desire to learn how to bake. I admired all of the baking creations I had seen online. That’s when the cupcake cakes were pretty popular. I decided to start with cupcakes. I made them for one small event and suddenly I was asked to do 100 cupcakes for a 50th wedding anniversary! They insisted on paying me and I was up for the challenge! Some would say it would be stressful for them. However, I had a few months to experiment with flavors and consistencies. After some fails and flaws, I ended up with 100 miniature successes! It was not only fun, but almost therapeutic for me. Yes it was somewhat stressful with the quantity and the fact I had to travel an hour away with them but I realized I had found my niche. Since then, I’ve moved on to chocolate covered oreos, pretzels, and strawberries.  Then I ventured out to do the now trendy cake pops, as well as layered cakes.  I’ve had my ups and downs and learned a lot but it’s what I love to do! I’m always up for a cupcake challenge!